Future Plans

Sorry about the lack of updates lately. I’ve been busy on a few different projects. The first project is my new website.


Apparently I’ve been doing this whole self promotion thing all wrong. So I decided to put together a new website that people will actually be able to identify with a human. 😉

Anyway I’ll be posting on the new blog as Matt Mayner. Instead of Moose1942. That username is going to be “retired.”

I had planned on keeping this site “Alone: King of One” up as a kind of “sandbox” but it looks like I’m not really posting much on both blogs. So this one will be shutting down eventually. But that’s okay because http://matthewmayner.wordpress.com is going to be much better. I’ll probably keep this blog up until I finish Magic Ink. I know, I know I’ve delayed it a couple of times already but I plan on finishing it, really I do.

My second project is a new novel Alone: Psi-Mage (working title.) Basically I’m rewriting the parts that didn’t suck of Alone: King of One in the third person from multiple perspectives. With Sarah, our beloved M1 Carbine slinging, psychic with a cat monkey alien companion, as the main character.

I’m also going to handle the distribution of the book a bit differently. See this blog post, for more details on how to become an Alpha Reader.

So if you haven’t already go check out my new blog and bookmark it, update your blogrolls etc.


Matthew Mayner
AKA Moose1942


2 Responses to Future Plans

  1. Larry says:

    Linked! BTW, speaking of links, your “see this blog post” link doesn’t work. (PICK ME!!!)

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