I’m Going to Enter Writers of the Future

March 1, 2011

At LTUE the awesome writing symposium held at BYU, several writers recommended entering the “Writers of the Future” contest.

One of these writers was Brad R Torgersen who won, and is published in volume 26. I talked to him at LTUE and he basically said to me, “You need to enter Writers of the Future yesterday!”

Well Brad, I’m working on it. I am taking a story I wrote some time ago, am rewriting it and expanding it. I think I’ll be able to turn it into a pretty good long, short story. 😀

Why would I expand a short story? Well two reasons, first the story wasn’t finished and second according to the Writers of the Future FAQ they want stories that are… “17,000 words or less.”

Which probably means they aren’t looking for 4000 word short stories. But who knows? I’m going to shoot for around 15,000 or so.

Wish me luck guys.

I’m probably going to need it.


New Years Goals

December 31, 2010

So here are some of my goals for 2011.

1. Submit Alone: King of One to a publisher(s)

2. Finish Magic Ink

3. Finish Alone 2: Psi Mage

4. Get a short story published in a print or online periodical (Hank Iowa: Interstellar Public Relations)

5. Have a story published in “Writers of the Future.”

6. Make boatloads of cash so I can sleep on stacks of $100 bills.

7. Retire 😉

I know I’ll be able to complete the first three, and probably have a shot at numbers four and five, but six and seven would be nice too. 😛