Ray Gun Revival Trailer!

February 8, 2011

So I just submitted a short story to Ray Gun Revival, and found they made a trailer for the site. I love the epic retro style.

So go to Ray Gun Revival and check out the thrilling tales beyond the ether! They have two new short stories up and a whole bunch in the archives.

Hopefully soon you’ll be able to read some of my stories there. 😉


My First Short Story Submission!

February 1, 2011

Well I did it. I bit the bullet and submitted a short story entitled, “Hank Iowa: Interstellar Public Relations” to an online Sci-Fi magazine called, Ray Gun Revival.

Hank is your average ship board public relations man. Since the public his captain serves are typically the lowest scum in the galaxy, Hank usually handles their complaints with a blaster.

It was a whole lot of fun to write. I hope the publishers at Ray Gun Revival think it’s half as fun to read as I had writing it.

So anyway my dear readers, wish me luck.