Magic Ink Chapter 23

March 31, 2011

Sorry about the time between updates, the creative juices had been in drought mode for a bit.

Chapter 23

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Magic Ink is Back!

March 21, 2011

After an overly long hiatus chapter 22 of Magic Ink is now available.


Magic Ink Chapter 21

January 21, 2011

Has been posted for your reading pleasure.

Twists, turns, and problems await!

Linky to Chapter 21

Magic Ink 19 is Up

January 7, 2011

Phew, there’s nothing like the holidays to muck with ones writing schedule.

Sorry about the REALLY long delay. Updates hopefully won’t take as long now.

Anyway, enjoy chapter 19 of Magic Ink.

Magic Ink Chapter 13, Is That Unlucky?

November 18, 2010

Magic Ink 13

Maybe I should go straight from chapter 12 to 14. 😛

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Magic Ink Chapter 10

November 7, 2010

Come one come all and read my latest chapter in Victor’s epic saga of epicness.

Chapter 10

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Magic Ink Chapter 6

October 20, 2010

So the next installment of Magic Ink is ready for public consumption, I guess. 😉

Magic Ink Chapter 6

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