Calling All Artists

Well good artists anyway. šŸ˜‰

So I want to commission a map of Velderland, its provinces, the island protectorates and Skajistan. An old fashioned map would be cool.

You know something in a style similar to this.


So I’m not rich but I could pay you in signed copies of my books, when they get published.

I’m kidding. Actually I would be willing to pay cash money for a good map.

If you’re serious and want to put a legend on the map, it should be marked in leagues. Which according to the source of all knowledge and wisdom in the universe… Wikipedia, says one league is about 3 miles.


One Response to Calling All Artists

  1. Rather says:

    Pick a shape for a map that reflects your story. It would be cool to hide clues in the map itself and to make it part of the theme of your novel-too bad it isn’t on the site. I would have read it.

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