Hang it all, Boise State lost to Nevada in overtime.




I shall smite anyone with literary death if they say anything disparaging about my team.

So they lost BFD. Seriously, they are still a top shelf team.  They do not suck. One loss is not the end of the world.

If it were why are these guys in the top ten?


5 LSU 10-1
6 Stanford 10-1
7 Wisconsin 10-1
8 Ohio State 10-1
9 Oklahoma State 10-1
10 Michigan State 10-1

Heck Nevada is a one loss team. Oh and look at Auburn, they were trailing almost the entire game. If Alabama would have held on and won the whole top four would be different.

So BSU won’t get into the Rose Bowl. Meh, I hope TCU does, because they’ll take away a seat from those snooty AQ teams.

The BCS is BROKEN, Boise State’s loss does NOT change the fact that the BCS is full of BS.



  1. I am not a football fan and I don’t have tv at home. Also I only like 2 teams: Texas A&M and whoever is playing t.u.

    I saw the last half hour or so of that game while on break at work. It was entertaining. I hope the BSU placekicker had enough sense to find his own transportation home and not get on the bus with the rest of the team.

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