Go Buy “Servant of a Dark God” by John Brown

Servant of a Dark God by John Brown in paperback is released on November 2nd.

I read the hardcover, it’s awesome. It’s the fantasy that beats up other epic fantasies and steals their lunch money. Seriously if you’re a geek like me you’ve read a million rehashes of Tolkien. Servant of a Dark God is not one of them. The world is different, the magic system is amazing and unique. No chugging mana potions or fatigue and memorization crap here. No using magic in this world takes a lot out of you. It’s different and well written.

The characters, politics and baddies are very well done. The bad guy called “Hunger” is amazing. No he’s not a mindless eating machine, by the end of the book I felt sorry for him, even though he’s made from stone dirt and grass.

The main characters Talen and River, (No not River Tam!) are great, you really feel like you’re getting inside their heads and that the things they do are done for a reason.

Anyway I recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasty, and to people who are burned out with carbon copies of JRR Tolkien. No Elves or Dwarves are to be found inside a Servant of a Dark God.

So click on the link and buy it. You won’t regret it. Oh did I mention this is the first in a series, so there will be more goodness to come later.



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