The 1,000,000 Word Rule

The 1 million word rule basically says writers need to write a lot before they can create something good enough to “make it.”

Jerry Pournelle said,

I am sure it has been done with less, but you should be prepared to write and throw away a million words of finished material. By finished, I mean completed, done, ready to submit, and written as well as you know how at the time you wrote it. You may be ashamed of it later, but that’s another story.

Since I started writing and posting my first real fiction since high school, in August of 2009, (I started this blog three months later) I’ve written over 286,000 words. I was shocked when I tallied them all up in Excel. Over a quarter of a million. Holy crapola! I guess this means I’m a quarter of the way there. 😉


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