Emancipated Worlds Saga

Brad R. Torgersen, is a published Sci-Fi author. He won Writers of the Future 26, with a story called Exanastasis. I think I’ll check it out. I’ve thought about entering WOTF myself.

Now he’s posting on his blog a new story called the Emancipated Worlds Saga, in as far as I can tell a “post as you go” format. Basically like what I do here. So far he has a prologue, chapter one, and some background info.

And a cool logo!


Anyway I recommend you check it out. So far I’ve been impressed, he knows how to write. Oh and since he’s an Army Warrant Officer he knows what he’s talking about as he writes his Mil-Sci-Fi. So take a look. What are you still doing here? Click on a link, you can come back here later. 😉


One Response to Emancipated Worlds Saga

  1. Hey, thanks for the link! Yeah, I’m a Writers of the Future winner, and I just had a novelette called “Outbound” come out in Analog Science Fiction & fact magazine — the longest-running SF fiction periodical in the country. FYI, yah misspelled my name. (grin) Oops, fixed You’ve got some solid names in the list of links on your site. I will spock out your chapters.

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