Autographed 1st printing of Monster Hunter Vendetta “pre order”

Larry Corriea, author of Monster Hunter International, is getting a headcount of how many people want autographed copies of the second book in the series, Monster Hunter Vendetta. Go to his site and post a comment with the number of autographed books you want to buy. I’m getting two myself.

If you haven’t read the first book Monster Hunter International and like what you read here do yourself a favor and and buy the darn book already! It’s an “urban” fantasy that kicks the crap out of all those emo vampire books. Think Backwater going after monsters instead of terrorists and you’re halfway there. The good guys are good and the bad guys will scare the crap out of you until the good guys drop mortar rounds on them!

Well, the time is almost here.  MHV officially releases in just over a month. In the past I've just sold autographed copies here on the blog, which is awesome for me, and (I would hope) awesome for you, but there is one drawback to doing it that way. My blog doesn't report to any bestseller lists. And one of the keys to building a writing career is to have your books show up on various bestseller lists.  MHI made it onto Entertainment Weekly and … Read More

via Monster Hunter Nation


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