CRAPPY STORY… For Your Enjoyment?

Okay since I can’t write anything I figured I would throw this story out there. I wrote this back in 2008 on a spiral notebook while riding the bus to the institution of higher learning.

One word of warning, THIS STORY SUCKS! I guess that was actually three words of warning.

I found this spiral notebook a couple of months ago and transcribed the scribbles into the text you see here. I have NOT edited anything.

Basically as I was BORED out of my mind riding the bus I had an idea. What if a zombie outbreak happened and a group of people on a bus were suddenly thrown together and had to figure out how to survive? The story ends suddenly because I got SICK of transcribing this crap.

So I guess I’ve come a long way.

Without further ado I present…


Zombie Bus

It was late, a commuter bus rolled along its fiberglass shell occasionally shuddered with the bumps and potholes in the road. Eight passengers leaned back in their seats, waiting for their stops.

The driver Carlas was tired, this was his last run before returning to the depot, he usually enjoyed his job but tonight he just felt like getting back to the depot so he could head home and crash for the weekend.

A middle aged business woman turned a page of her romance novel, annoyed slightly at the harder than normal bounce the bus took as it turned down another street.

The bus driver turned into the parking lot of the local hospital, St. Moses. An operation Iraqi freedom vet sat in his wheelchair waiting for the bus to stop.

Carlas stopped the bus and hopped out the drivers side door, the large GM diesel clattered at its usual idle rhythm.

“How’s it going Adam?” the driver said with a slight sigh as he activated the wheelchair lift.

Adam smiled as he wheeled over to the lift. “Not bad Carlas, long day?”

“Yeah, I am so glad it’s Friday.” Carlas breathed out heavily, exhaustion dripped off his voice.

Adam chuckled, “Want me to drive? You could take a nap in the back?”

Carlas cracked a weak smile, “Hey why are you always so happy man?” his eyes glanced at where the vets legs had been.

Adam shook his head, “I figure I can sit around and mope about my problems or I can look on the bright side.”

They finished loading Adam in his chair and buckling the safety belts to the chair.

The bus began moving again. Seth was relieved, it had been a long day of classes. One more semester he reminded himself. He leaned back in his chair and let the music from his Mp3 player drown out some of the road noise.

Cynthia pulled her jacket tighter to keep out the cold that always seemed to find a way in. The seemingly random chatter from the bus dispatch radio was annoying, she tried to block it out as she curned up against the seat, trying to catch a few minutes rest before she had to start her shift at the department store in the mall.

The bus turned down a side street heading toward the interstate. Jorge looked out the window aimlessly he had put in a good days work at the day labor assignment. His sweaty hard hat sat with his gloves on the seat next to him.

Seth was getting bored with the same old songs on his Mp3 player and switched it to the radio. It crackled for a moment. “… this just in there seems to be a riot at St. Moses hospital. The front doors have been smashed in, and debris are scattered around the parking lot.” Seth thought to himself for a moment and pulled his ear buds.

“Hey guys, theres some kind of riot at the hospital.” He spoke in a loud voice to nobody in particular. Adam looked over at Seth. “What did you say? A riot? Who the hell riots at a hospital?”

Seth looked over at the wheelchair bound soldier, “Dude we just picked you up from there, what did you do?”

Adam was suddenly very quiet. Everyone on the bus appeared to resume their normal activities.

Carlas was intrigued about the riot, he called From the front seat. “Hey what else can you find out about the riot?”

Seth put one ear bud back in, all that he heard was the hiss of static. Puzzled he checked the headpone jack and turned to another station.

“…ecial report, the hospital is crawling with crazed people throwing rocks and attacking the staff! On line three we have someone who claims to be inside right now. Line three go ahead.”

A crappy cellphone signal filled the air. A scared female voice was breathing heavily on the line. “Help, I called 911 and the lines were full…”

The DJ cut in. “Whoa, what’s your name and what is going on down there?”

“I’m Sheri, a trauma nurse here, I don’t know, a bunch of insane people tried breaking down the doors. I ran into a medicine closet and blocked the door.” Suddenly the noise of broken glass rand out over the radio.

“Sheri, are you there?” The DJ called out.

Sheri came back on the phone, she was whispering. “Someone’s trying to break in…” more glass broke, “Oh God! No NO!!” she screamed and the phone cut out.

“We seem to be having a connection problem here, Jeff see if you can…”

Seth pulled out his ear buds. A few of the passengers sat waiting for an explanation. Others couldn’t care less. He tried to explain what was going on down at the hospital.

Carlas got on his radio, “Dispatch, this is bus 42 recommend avoiding the hospital, there is some kind of disturbance going on. Dispatch come on back…” they didn’t respond.

“Hey this is bus 42, over.” Annoyed he set the handset down.

Suddenly everyone in the buss began speaking at once. Some were confused that the dispatch wasn’t answering, others yelled about the riot.

Adam put on his best Drill Sergeant impression, “Everyone Shut up!” the bust grew quiet. “Look I just came from the hospital, we need to remain calm.”

Carlas pulled into the parking lot of a local gym that sat right by the freeway exit. He pulled up to the stop. Five shadowy figures charged the bus. The driver was about to open the door when two windows on the bus shattered. Seth and Cynthia were hit by shards of broken safety glass.


Hey I told you it sucked, why did you read it? ;-P


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