An Old Man, 100 Word Story

I tried to enter a 100 word writing contest on some website. Well their stupid form wouldn’t work in Firefox, or IE. So I said screw it, I’ll just post it here for you.

An old man sat among the assembled. At first glance no one would have even given him a second look. His skin was wrinkled; his clothes didn’t stand out among the crowd. The others there were too busy to care about an old fellow nearing the sunset of his life. No he was hardly seen by people so preoccupied.

As the parade began the old man struggled to his feet. He covered his heart with his hand; tears came to his eyes as the flag his buddies died to protect passed by. No one seemed to notice his empty wheelchair.


2 Responses to An Old Man, 100 Word Story

  1. craig says:

    there is a photo like that going around on emails. good bit though.

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