Alone 1 Rewrite Info

I am going to leave the current version of Alone: King of One up for now. I am not going to post the newer versions of the chapters “in real time.”

Before I have to dodge any rotten vegetables hear me out.

First, I want to take the time I would be mucking with the website and use it on fixing Alone 1, or writing on my other projects.

Second, I’ve already changed things in the early chapters that would conflict with stuff later on that I need to change. So if I post changes to chapter 7 for example, Chapter 42 might not make sense or there might be a plot hole, okay, another plot hole. So you’re either going to have to wait till it’s done and I post the whole enchilada. Or wait for the print version. A guy can dream can’t he? Maybe Larry Correia could put in a good word with Baen for me when it’s ready to submit? 😉


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