Monster Hunter Vendetta

So unless you’ve been living in a cave or this is your first visit to my site you should know I love Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter International. I can already tell that this book is better. Owen Pitt used to be an accountant until his boss turned into a werewolf and he ended up fighting the beast hand to hand eventually killing it by shoving the harry monster out of a 14th story window.

After some hair raising adventures he ends up saving the day getting the girl and leaving behind a massive trail of bodies behind him, monster bodies. These monster hunters don’t screw around, they use everything from rifles and shotguns, to explosives and mortars to take on creatures out of mankind’s worst nightmares.

The first five chapters are free. After you’ve read those you can purchase what Baen calls an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) it’s an electronic version of the book for those poor addicts that can’t wait for the dead tree copy.

I’ve read the first five sample chapters and will be getting the ARC soon. So let me give you a little taste.

Julie was still talking. “No. No, sir. Do not, I repeat, do not approach them….Why?” She rolled her eyes as the person on the other end of the line asked something incredibly stupid. “Because they will eat you….Yes. Eat you.” She paused to cover the phone’s receiver and said to me, “What is it with these people who want to reason with monsters? Morons.”

“I blame it on Twilight.” In real life, vampires only sparkle when they’re on fire.

After you read the sample chapters you can buy the electronic copy, for $15.

I would recommend reading the first book, so you understand what’s going on. But even if you hadn’t read the first one he does explain most of the mechanics of his universe. Such as how private companies get paid for eradicating monsters etc. Monster Hunter International, available at Amazon, and other places. I bought one copy at Barnes and Noble.


One Response to Monster Hunter Vendetta

  1. Bo says:

    I want to read it, but cannot bear to read any of it online, no sample chapters, no spoilers, no summaries, no nothing. I will buy it when it sees print, and get Larry to sign it.

    I need to get a Baen copy of MHI. My self-published copy is about falling apart. I can’t even open it any more for fear of pages falling out. I only read it two or three times. The binding just isn’t great.

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