Not Feeling Inspired

So I wrote half a page on Zombies! or Infected? but I just wasn’t getting anywhere. So I decided I’d try working on Ogre Here Ogre There and was able to come up with two paragraphs. Maybe I just need to take a bit of time off.

*Ducks underneath desk to avoid getting sucked into the monitor from the collective gasp from my readers*

Okay before you all start throwing things or blowing holes in your monitors, take a deep breath and repeat the mantra, “Inner peace… inner peace.” Bah who am I kidding. I just can’t think of what to write. I’ve been given a bunch of ideas for redshirts but I would like Zombies! to have some sort of narrative following a group, rather than just a bunch of loosely connected stories about people dying in gruesome ways.

It’s weird sometimes I have stories pouring out of me so fast that my fingers can hardly keep up. Other times I feel like the well is dry. I know I am not a “professional writer” whatever the heck that means, but it’s frustrating when I try and continue a story and nothing comes.

So I am trying something “NEW.” I started writing a couple pages of “Alone 2” Starring Jessica and Scruffy, many years after the events of the first book. I’ll post the first chapter when I get it done.


One Response to Not Feeling Inspired

  1. I know the feeling. Sometimes I’m so full of ideas that I can do nothing but write, write, write, and sometimes I’ll go a week or more without ever sitting down to type out some ideas. Just the way it goes, I guess. 🙂

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