Played Calvin Ball Yesterday

So yesterday the scouts wanted to do a physical game that focused on teamwork.

It started off as capture the flag with two footballs sitting on the ground on the opposite ends of the field. You had to steal the opposing teams football and bring it back to your own to score.

Well as you could imagine that was complete chaos. So the rules kept changing until we finally found a set of rules that worked. The final rules involved one football, and two teams. You could only pass the ball, but not run. When you caught the ball you could only take two steps to stop. Then you had to pass it to a teammate. We ended up with some very interesting shuffle pass, forward pitch and short pass maneuvers. The game was very fast and furious. Nearly non stop action up and down the field. So I guess it was kinda like Rugby without running or tackling.

If you threw an incomplete pass, possession would change to the other team immediately where ever the ball landed, so some lame cherry picking happened. But all in all it was a good game that forced the boys to work together. You couldn’t just give the ball to the “star player” and have him run down the field with it. The boys had to work together to get a TD.

One interesting dynamic to the game was we ended up with some teams that were fairly lopsided athletically. But when they worked together the not as athletic team was still able to move the ball down the field and score.

Yes I know that Calvin ball requires changing the rules after every round. But for the first twenty minutes that’s what happened, so it felt like Calvin ball.

Did I mention I love being a scout leader? 😀


One Response to Played Calvin Ball Yesterday

  1. Lokidude says:

    Hey, you discovered flickerball! I used to play that in elementary school. Probably one of my favorite games ever.

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