Your Comments

I would like to thank the academy… 😛

Actually I really want to thank you my readers for all your comments. Everything from the cheer leading “YOU ROCK!” stuff, to the constructive criticism. Please please please point out my faults when you see them. Every writer needs to have his “Emperors New Clothes” moment.

Anyway I received a comment today from one Mr. Phil, about the poll option… “Don’t Give Up Your Day Job” and I felt like responding in this manner.

…Assuming your “day job” is writing Alone (yeah I know it’s not but please please keep writing it!)

Unfortunately as we all know, all good things must come to an end. Alone must be finished SOON because it is already long for a 1st novel. According to word Alone is 110K words. There are some publishers out there that won’t look at a NOOB writers book if it’s over a certain length. Fortunately for me Baen wants 100K-130K words. If I have ANY chance of getting published I need to wrap it up soon. And really I don’t want to. There are so many things I want to explore. I really want to write a second book from Sarah’s perspective. What’s not to like about a gun toting, telepathic, feisty girl? I know in some places she doesn’t come off all that believable but I’ll work on that as I rework the manuscript. I think she needs to be less savvy about a few things and a bit more vulnerable.

But if you have voted you’ll know that I have other stories that I’ve been working on. I think the best thing for Alone, is for me to set it down and let it age just a bit before I rework it. I have more worlds up in my head that are anxious to get out. I really want to write a Fantasy Alternate history WWII, a Fantasy Hack and Slash with a two headed ogre as the protagonist, not to mention “A Girl and Her Bot.” There is also “Precious Cargo”, a Firefly like story about a rag tag crew on a rust bucket spaceship.

The more that I think about it even though Monster Hunter: Millers Blood seems to be a reader favorite I think I need to work on my own IP for now. I know I know, but hear me out. Baen is unlikely to publish any compilation work in the MHI universe anytime soon, so I should really try and build my own “portfolio” so to speak. Unfortunately I think MH:MB was really just writing practice. I learned so much about writing from playing in Larry Correia’s sandbox. Now I think it’s time I go build my own sand castles in my own sand box.

Remember this isn’t a democracy, its a benevolent dictatorship. 😛

Thanks again to my readers, I wouldn’t be here with a full length novel under my belt without your help. Seriously, I wrote one chapter of Monster Hunter: Millers Blood as a fluke, I really had no intention of continuing and writing this much. But some of you my readers encouraged me to continue and somehow after all the twists and turns I ended up here. I don’t think its where I intended to go, but I’m glad I have arrived.


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