All Good Things…

Well friends and readers, this strange journey must come to an end fairly soon. But fear not! I have plenty of other projects to work on. But alas Alone will be coming to a close. I can almost see the end. Maybe it’s just a glow before rounding the bend in a dark tunnel. Frankly we all knew that this little exchange couldn’t last forever. No I must resist writing another 40 chapters. Who knows after Alone is finished I might come back and revisit this strange world that I’ve created. Maybe from the point of view of everyone’s feisty gun-toting little blond haired girl. But that won’t happen for a while. So I am now going to ask you my dear readers which story do you want more of?

So go ahead and vote. And just like in politics your vote may or may not affect the outcome. 😉


2 Responses to All Good Things…

  1. Raptor says:

    Shoot! I meant to vote for Precious Cargo but hit Miller’s Blood instead! Sorry!

  2. Phil says:

    …Assuming your “day job” is writing Alone (yeah I know it’s not but please please keep writing it!)

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