News Flash Obama is a Socialist

It never ceases to amazes me that there are so many people who seem to be surprised that Obama turned out to be a socialist.

The day that Obama defeated McStain, I had a college class. In that class I had an insane liberal classmate. I made an offhand comment along the lines of, “Great we just elected a socialist.”

This dumb lib kid spewed “What are you talking about, he isn’t a socialist! You’re just upset because your stupid Neocon didn’t win.”

I had to use all of my self control to keep from jumping the table and…

Anyway, I told him, “He is a socialist he said it himself. Don’t you remember when he told Joe the Plumber, ‘We need to spread the wealth around?’”

All I got was a blank look. A few days later we were discussing grades, tests, and curves. The teacher (who was a conservative from Boston, go figure) asked for ideas. I raised my hand and suggested we implement a Redistribution of Grades plan.

I went on to explain that those students who got A’s and B’s should be forced to give up several points off of their exam scores and give them to those students who were ‘less fortunate’. You know someone with a C or D who didn’t work as hard should be given points from the students who studied hard and got an A.

The teacher gave me a wicked smile and the Lib kid immediately spoke up because he got good grades. “Whoa, what are you thinking? Why would you take grade points from the students that worked hard and give them to those who didn’t. That’s crazy!”

I turned to him and smiled, “Well I thought you liked the redistribution of wealth. You know spreading the wealth around. What’s wrong with spreading the grades around?”

He then said the most illogical thing I have ever heard. “Well I’m fine with spreading money around, just not grades.”

I really couldn’t penetrate that shield of ignorance no matter how hard I tried, hmm maybe Marty could hook this guy up to… never mind.

What’s sad about this kid is that he wanted to become a lawyer, he was planning on going to law school. Heaven help us if he actually makes it through law school and becomes a lawyer.


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