The Grimnor Chronicles: Hard Magic

Larry Correia author of Monster Hunter International, has a new book coming out in 2011, called The Grimnor Chronicles: Hard Magic. He is posting the first seven chapters up on his blog, adding a new chapter each day.

So far I’ve read the first two chapters and I’m hooked. Its hard to describe but basically its set in the interwar period 1932 to be exact, in the midst of the great depression. Only the big difference is that magic started to manifest itself in a small slice of the human population back in the 1800’s. The Kaiser in the Great War (WWI) used zombies to supplement his troops.

Think of it as steel, grit and guns, vs mind bending magic, with a little zeppelin action thrown in for good measure.

Anyway it’s well written, and it grabbed me even faster than Monster Hunter did, go to his site and read it yourself.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

What are you still doing here? If you like my stuff you’ll love Larry’s. Go bookmark his site. You can come back here later.


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