Chapter 37 Is Now Avaliable

*Rings bell* Everybody come and get it, the chapter’s ready! Hurry up and get yours before it gets cold! 😀

Chapter 37


2 Responses to Chapter 37 Is Now Avaliable

  1. Teresa Van Hove says:

    Hi, I’ve been enjoying the book. Just found it this week via Last Refuge of a Scoundrel. One thing. I just read chapter 18 and if meteor/asteroid chunks were hitting hard enough to take out a mountain I am quite sure they would have been feeling some good seismic activity 50 miles away, would make that part more realistic.

    • moose1942 says:

      Welcome, and thanks for the ideas, I appreciate it. You’re right, a paragraph about the ground rolling or shaking enough to make standing difficult would probably be good.

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