Health Control = A Tax on Breathing

This whole debacle is just one more example of Washington ignoring it’s citizens. We need to call this what it is Health CONTROL, and a tax on breathing. Where does the government get off thinking it can force it’s citizens to BUY ANYTHING? Could you imagine if the government mandated we all buy a Government Motors car? Nobody would stand for it. So we shouldn’t stand for our government demanding we purchase their “health care” cool-aid.

Why do I call this piece of legislative fecal matter a tax on breathing? Simple. If you are breathing you MUST purchase some form of insurance. If you don’t want to or can’t afford it you will be fined. If you can’t pay the fine the government will have its newly minted IRS goblins garnish your wages.

Now let’s imagine someone who is self employed, Let’s call this person “Mr. Slaughter” the plumber, (no relation to the New York Congresscritter that wanted to completely abandon the constitution) and he doesn’t purchase government insurance, or private insurance. The government can’t garnish his wages, because he isn’t given a pay check. So what are the IRS agents going to do? Send Mr. Slaughter a bill. What do you think is going to happen if Mr. Slaughter wads up the bill and tosses it over his shoulder? They’re going to send him another one. If he keeps ignoring these unconstitutional fees what do you think is going to happen?

The IRS is going to send armed gunmen to this man’s home to get him to pay his fines. Mr. Slaughter then has two choices, surrender and be put in prison for not paying fines that he constitutionally does not have to pay, or stand his ground and we can have another Ruby Ridge incident. The armed government goons will end up killing someone, in the best case scenario only the family dog will get shot. So the feds could end up killing Mr. Slaughter, over what? Unconstitutional fines levied by Democrats in congress.

November can’t come soon enough. Let’s send these aliens back to the planet they came from. No human could do the things these monkeys are doing. Hell, monkeys might do a better job.

I just don’t understand it. There have been times in my life that I haven’t had insurance. When I had to go to the witch doctors I PAID MY BILLS! The DEMS seem to think that if people don’t have insurance they’ll automatically default on their medical bills. You know what MIGHT lower the cost of doctors visits? Reforming all these ridiculous malpractice suits, oh and making the people driving Cadillac Escalades with wheel spinners actually pay their bills, instead of letting them dump their bills on the state.

Maybe we all should put down 10 deductions on our taxes?*

*moose1942 is not a tax adviser, he doesn’t even prepare his own taxes, and will not be held responsible if men from the government with guns come knocking on your door.

One Response to Health Control = A Tax on Breathing

  1. slamdunk says:

    Good post. Over the next few months, it will be funny to watch all of the “yes” voters trying to hide for cover.

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