I’m Blocked Gahhh!

No I’m not talking about not enough fiber in my diet. I’m talking about the well of creative juices going dry. I sat down and started working on chapter 36 and I came up with two paragraphs. GRRRR! Maybe I just need to step back from it a bit and come back later.

Alone WILL BE FINISHED! I will NOT let it sit half baked. If there is anything I ever wanted to complete it’s Alone


5 Responses to I’m Blocked Gahhh!

  1. Raptor says:

    Yeah, writers block sucks. (so does not enough fiber, but that’s a post for another day…) I hate when that happens. But the fact that you’re comitted to finishing is a good thing: means you’re really invested in the story.

    Minor gripe: at least you have time to write. I’ve had time to write exactly 5 pages of my novel (and a handful of MHI: Northeast chapters) since school started back in January. Ugh.

  2. Raptor says:

    Also, thanks for the book suggestion. I’ll pick it up next time I’m at Barnes & Noble.

  3. Jeff says:

    OK big guy, just relaxxxxx and follow these easy steps..
    1) Crack a cold n frosty root beer…
    2) put a copy of Zombieland/Gladiator in the dvd player depending on your mood
    3) Forget about the story for a few hours
    4) Write when you are refreshed/inspired..as long as I have something new to read tonight! YOu have me sooo hooked it is not funny. It has been very enjoyable watching your writing style and ability evolve. Now get busy while I study for my CCNA exam…

  4. Jeff says:

    Networking isn’t so hard in and of itself, it’s learnig all of the stinking minutae that has very little real world application that is tough. But if ya want the cert ya gotta play the man’s game…*grumble*

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