Marathon Training Update

So I went on a hike with the scouts this weekend and ended up with blisters on my heels. I have NO idea how that happened, my boots are high quality Danner boots, and they’re well broken in. Maybe I didn’t have them laced tight enough and all the uphill climbing allowed my boots to slosh around rubbing my heels wrong.

Anyway so I weighed myself this morning, (I’m not an ‘every day’ step on the scale kinda guy) and it was the first time in a long time that the scale didn’t read “2##”. 😀

I’m down below 200! I feel so awesome about that. Considering my height 200lbs isn’t “Fat Albert” level or anything, but things are going in the right direction. This makes me want to hop on the treadmill tonight. I just hope my lanced blisters will cooperate.


One Response to Marathon Training Update

  1. Jay says:

    Well done man, I’m pondering a marathon in October as well as the Ragnar race in Vegas which is in October also.

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