Progress Report on chapter 31 and Guitar stuff.

Well I had a bit of a block for a while but today I wrote 3 pages. And I plan on “scribbling” a few more later tonight. Expect to see a “finished” product soon.*

Well I pulled my acoustic guitar out of the back of the closet the other day and began playing again. It felt great to get back at it. I bought a new set of strings today and will be putting them on my “Axe” later tonight.
I am a total noob, so if any of you guys know of good tutorials on chords and such feel free to post them in the comments.

My offspring are complete Star Wars nuts and asked me the other day if I could play Star Wars music on the guitar. So I found a couple of tabs for the opening theme and the Imperial march. 😀 They were fun to play.

After much fiddling I am finally able to share my music with you. Okay first of all note that I am a guitar NOOB and second my equipment is… sub par. I shoved my gaming headset into the sound hole of my guitar! 🙂

Star Wars Theme

Imperial March

*Soon is a loose term with varying degrees of meaning.


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