Texas Got Rolled

Texas did NOT deserve to be in that game. They got spanked.
Something is wrong with college football.
Playoffs now!

Oh and this is RICH, Texas is still ranked #2 despite losing. What the crap over? Excuse me? Florida should be pissed. If you lose in the championship game why would you keep your #2 spot? Especially since how bad they played. Oh and Texas quit whining about losing your star QB. Injuries happen, you still lost.

So this is how the rankings turned out.
1 Alabama
2 Texas
3 Florida
4 Boise State

This is what is SO wrong with the BCS it has WAY too many subjective factors. What is up with people voting for Texas? In a playoff system things would not be so subjective.

College football needs to get rid of automatic qualifications, and do a playoff system. The people out there saying the BCS is the best way to run things have lined pockets. Bah it makes me sick.


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