Avatar Mini Review

So over the long weekend we went a saw Avatar. You know the Blue alien smurf movie. 😀

Just got back from it. Man am I glad I didn’t go see the 3D version. I had enough sensory overload with the 2D one. Overall I liked it. I give it an A- good enough to watch in the theater.

Here are some things that caught my eye.

Just to let people know the “Military” in the movie are actually private security contractors. There is a distinction and I think it is an important one.

The first time Jake gets off the “Helicopter” and is carrying the M60 like weapon I immediately noticed his finger wasn’t on the trigger. Hurray for the weapons advisers! I can’t stand seeing a movie where a “Professional Warrior” of some kind doesn’t have proper trigger discipline.

The weapons were well done, there weren’t any “Holy crap that thing is too bulky”, or “Gee that weapon just an HK G36” moments.

The graphics were incredible. Very rarely did I think “That’s a good effect.”

The scene near the end where a human and a smurf were in close proximity was well done, you could hardly tell where CGI ended and the real human began.

Some of the Hippie crap annoyed me, but it wasn’t too bad. There were a few lines of dialogue that pissed me off.

It would have been good to show the natives scalp some scientist, and or worker types to show more animosity. But that would have made the smurfs less likable if they were shown killing non combatants.

Sigourney Weavers comments of “Moron with a gun.” pissed me off. In reality you think she would be thankful for the security contractor support.

One last thing. The mineral the evil white men were digging for was called “Unobtanium!” Are you kidding me. Lame!

Overall though I thought it was worth the price of admission.


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